Welcome!  We are the Ocean City Power Squadron a unit of District 5 of the United States Sail and Power Squadrons, the largest boating organization in the US.  We are a volunteer organization interested in promoting skillful boating and fun through educational programs to the public and our membership.
Our member are sailors, paddlers and power boaters.  We are made up of folks yet to own their first boat, to folks having trailer able vessels, to those owning long distance cruisers.  Meetings and classes are usually held in the Ocean City/Ocean Pines, Maryland area and people from all areas of the lower shores of Delaware and  Maryland attend these classes and events.

Classes:  We offer introductory boating classes and boating seminarshttp://www.usps.org/localusps/seattle/images/pbc/abc-cover-194h.JPG to the public throughout the year.  Everyone is welcome including youngsters.  The introductory classes meet Maryland Boaters License Card (required by Maryland law for those born after July, 1, 1972) and insurance requirements for primary boater education.

The introductory class may be all you need for now, but for many it stimulates a desire to learn more.  Or perhaps you are buying a larger boat.  Your next step is to become a member which qualifies you for our Advanced Classes.

Activities:  People join for the classes, then discover to their delight they have become part of a boating family of like-minded people who meet for relaxed social gatherings like picnics, dinner socials, raft-ups, and weekend rendezvous (owning a boat is optional).

You also have the opportunity to give to the community by performing public service through our educational classes, cooperative charting or vessel safety checks programs.  See VSC to have a safety check on your boat -- it's free and at no risk.

Paddlers Welcome!

  Boating is Fun . . .    We'll Show How !